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SWEEP Kidz Pre-School

SWEEP Kidz Pre-School focuses on the holistic development of your child, especially with regards to the physical, spiritual, emotional, social and cognitive dimensions.

We receive our Sweepies in love and promise to:

 - Provide a loving and safe environment where children and parents feel comfortable
 - Lay a Christian foundation directed by Matt. 19:14
 - Create a stimulating and friendly environment
 - Focus on developing awareness, sensitivity and tolerance towards each other
 - Encourage enthusiasm, allowing them to develop as individuals
 - Develop a close relationship between parents, children and staff
 - Employ dedicated and well trained staff with a passion for children
 - Be a well respected and trusted nursery school in our community


 - Age appropriate individual classrooms for each age group.
 - Jungle Rumble Indoor play centre and children's party venue
 - Dedicated nursery school outside play area with shaded sand pits
 - Cine+ walk-in cinema with seating for 48 people.
 - Well equipped kitchen to cater for your child's dietary needs.
 - Well stocked tuck shop
 - Secure parking area with easy access and egress.
Scope and Curriculum
 - We cater for children ages 2 years and up and gladly assist with "Potty Training".
 - We use Step-By-Step Christian together with CAPS Curriculum and engage each other in English
 - Our children get exposure to Numeracy, Literacy and Life Skills even from a very young age
 - Each child receives a Portfolio of Evidence at the end of the year 
 - We are a member of the Early Childhood Development Forum
 - Stimulating extra mural activities
Extra Murals
Soccer Starz is an extra mural activity that is offered at S.W.E.E.P. Kidz.
Our program is soccer specific as coaches concentrate on various soccer related movement and ball skills, through a fun learning environment, during our 30 minute lesson every week.
We offer our program to boys and girls from the age of 2 years old.


Dance Mouse Tots

DM Dance CC has 4 divisions divided into the following:

Dance Mouse

Grade 000 (3Yrs)-Grade 7 (13Yrs)

Dance Madness

Grade 4 (11Yrs)-Grade 12 (18Yrs) Selected franchises only

DM Ballerina

Grade 000-Grade 12
Technokids computer training encourages fun & exciting learning and at the same time improves fine motor skills, hand and eye coordination and perceptual development. We teach basic computer skills using educational packages as Word, Excel etc. depending on your child's individual ability from Grade 000 to 7, with a maximum of 5 children per teacher.
Due to the small classes, your child received individual attention and every child works on their own laptop.
Your child's progress is monitored closely and you will receive a detailed progess report at the end of terms 2 and 4. At the end of the year each child will be tested and receive a certificate for skills learned.  
As a school, we offer:
  • Highly qualified, skilled and patient instructors
  • Indoor, heated swimming pool
  • A secure, clean teaching environment
  • Infant / toddler program
  • Children beginner program
  • Adult learn to swim program
  • Stroke correction
  • Underwater photography
  • Lesson DVD's
For the convenience of working parents, we offer morning classes to nursery schools (like S.W.E.E.P.).
We collect swimmers  in our school bus (driver has a valid PDP license).
They are assisted with dressing and escorted to their lesson by our child minders and teachers.
Once swimmers have completed their lesson, they are dressed and returned to school.
Parents are welcome to monitor their children's progress at any time.
For parents who prefer to bring their children privately, we offer classes from Saturdays and Monday to Thursday - 14h00 to 19h00

Fees 2022

Registration Fee:

R 900.00

Once Off, non-refundable

Monthly Fee:

Half Day

Full Day

R 2600.00

R 2900.00

Payable over 11 months (Jan - Nov)

Payable on or before the 7th of each month, monthly in advance.

5% Discount applicable when annual amount is paid in full before 28 February of each year

Stationery Fee:

(once off)

2 Year Old

3 Year Old

4 Year Old

5 Year Old

R 850.00

R 900.00

R 950.00

R 1050.00

Grade R

R 1100.00

Operating Times
Monday to Thursday
07h00 - 17h30
07h00 - 17h00